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After on year of work, my Supernatural fancomic After they fall ended. You can now read the whole comics.

I’m not good at resume so i’m gonna quote the lovely resume the user destielhiseyesopened made : 

This fancomic set after Season 8, making it essentially a canon divergence AU at this point in which Sam, Dean, Cas, Kevin, Charlie, and Crowley all end up living together in the Bunker. 

Sam deals with the trials’ lingering effects. Cas deals with being human. Crowley deals with being quasi-human. Charlie and Kevin go head-to-head in Call of Duty. Dean, as usual, tries to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. Angst. Schmoop. Hunting. Movie nights, because Cas has never seen Star Wars and this must be corrected.

To start the reading from page 1 : [Link]

Master post is here : [Link]

The comics is now available as a book on, the link is [here]

More informations about it [here]

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